Was Writing… Now Painting

Art Works/New Chapter Introduction

Last year, in October of 2013, on Crystal Beach, Texas, I set up on the beach to begin a new chapter.  God knows, it was needed. crystal beach set-up

Along came a couple in a golf cart.  They were on their honeymoon, and wanted to buy the painting.

Back in Indiana, I finished it, named it “Gulf Squall,” and shipped it to them.

Here it is, oil on canvas….

crystal beach, cropped


It’s no surprise to anybody who knows me, but I’ve wanted to be a painter since I was a girl, and scared up dribs and drabs of time every year or two, to start a painting.  Some were finished and hang on my walls–most are of my sons as babies.

So, here’s a new section of the blog, and my introductory chapter:  Eight painting starts at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, Feb., 2014, pictured below;  two of them finished and six yet to go.  My best hope for a good finished painting is the big “Northwest Front,” I think.

But first, there’s another promised painting to finalize and deliver.  …And another painting start done for last weekend’s Owen County Studio Tour.

Is that too many unfinished paintings?  I have plenty more to finish–the results of those dribs and drabs of time, and all rooted in the past.  Yes, I have a full novel–chapters full of unfinished paintings!

But art works.  Right?

Era's pelican, cropped

“Era’s Pelican,” postcard size

northwest front, cropped

“Northwest Front”

turquoise mud, cropped

“Turquoise Mud,” for now

beach day, cropped

“Beach Day”

small craft advisory, cropped

“Small Craft Advisory”

personal space, cropped

“Personal Space,” bad start

FMB pier, cropped

“FMB Pier”

offshore fog bank, cropped

“Offshore Fog Bank”

FMB LLL by Carol

Photo by Carol Spencer




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